In this category, we provide you filters to eliminate noisy signals, base the signals on WAE, volume breakout detection and more to come.


ADX is used as a noise filter, it estimate the strength of a trend.
The more the confidence in the strength of a trend, the higher chance to have a signal on Capitaliz – Omega Ω. ADX is based on a moving average of a price range expansion over a specific time period to quantify trend strength.
ADX Length is the input of Directional Index Length, known as time period.
Default is 24 periods.
The longest the period, the higher the chance of strong trend.

💣WAE Volume Indicator #

Formula is the following :
(MACD(close, FastEMA, SlowEMA) – MACD(close[1], FastEMA, SlowEMA)) * Sensitivity

WAE is a momentum indicator that accounts for volatility in the market.
It’s a combination of MACD, Bollinger Bands with volatiliy cutoffs to determine entries and exit points.

Combined with Capitaliz – Omega Ω, it can be a great ally to detect momentum.
Disabled by default.
The inputs are :

Sensitivity #

Sensitivity is a multiplier.
The higher the sensitivity, the more the curve becomes sensitive to variations.

FastEMA Length #

While calculating the EMA, we use this variable as a EMA length.

SlowEMA Length #

While calculating the EMA, we use this variable as a EMA length.

BB Channel Length #

This is the length of the Bollinger Bands, applied on the upper and lower bands.

Activation of vWAP Filter #

vWAP, known as Volume Weighted Average Price.
The role of vWAP is to gauge supports and resistances.
It is used to determine the intraday price direction based on volume.
It gives Capitaliz – Omega Ω a capacity of trend analysis in intraday.

📊 Volume breakout filter  #

Based on SMA (Simple Moving Average), this volume breakout filter detect volume increasing before a price movement.

Average length volume #

This is the length used in the SMA function.
The longer the length (period), the longer the data range used to calculate the average volume.

% filter #

The higher the % filter, the less the fake breakout based on volume.

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