Trailing Take Profit

This is a function to close the position if the price go back to the offset trailing price.

Disabled by default, the Trailing Take Profit can be usefull to keep the profit on your side, if the position is right.

A Trailing Take Profit is a Take Profit that converts to a Trailing Stop as soon as the Take Profit price is reached.
For example : if you buy at the price of 100, the Take Profit is placed at the price of 110 and a you set the Trailing Take Profit to 5%:

If the price rises to 105 nothing happens because the Take Profit of 110 is not reached.
Then if the price rises to 110, then a Stop Order of 104.5 will be placed (110 – 100*0.05).
Then if the price goes down to 105, the Stop Order stays at 104.5.
Then if the price rises to 120, the Stop Order rises to 114.
Then if the price goes down to 110, the Stop Order at 114 is executed.

A working example of what we are talking about #

A short is open, we are winning but we don’t take profit yet.
If the price reaches a level derivated from our offset, we close the trade and take profit.
If the price continues in our direction, the TP will move too, so the gain is secured and we increase our R:R.

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