Strategy settings

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Composed of the possibilities to enable only long, only short or both long and short orders, the strategy settings are easy to understand by their label.
The Show WIN ticker will show you the ticker on the chart.
Same for the Show LOSS ticker.

The Show table will add a table on the right corner of your chart to have a resume of the strategy :

Resume table
  • Winrate %
  • Trades won
  • Lost Trades
  • Maximum win in a row
  • Maximum consecutive losses

    The names are pretty self explanatory.

Session #

Session represent the time of the open market.
In cryptocurrencies market, you must let the default 00:00-00:00 because the crypto market is 24/24 open.

Live trading #

When you enable the Live trading, the strategy will start it’s calculation based on the Live launch date.
In order to have the good calculation of your current capital, the strategy must know when you really started doing automated trading.
To do so, you need to put the Live launch date to the date of your automation start.

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