How do I get access? #

Firstly, connect to your TradingView™ account #

You need to connect to the TradingView™ account you gave us on your last purchase.

To do, go on https://tradingview.com website and connect you by clicking on “Sign in”.

If you don’t have a TradingView™ account, please create one by clicking on “Join for free” before buying our products.

Now, select a chart on which you want to work on #

For this, type in the search box the asset you want to work on.

How to enable the Capitaliz.io indicator ? #

Click on “Indicators” on the top of the screen (header bar) 

A popup is shown, click on “Invite-only scripts” and type on the search box “Capitaliz.io”

Then, click one time on the “Capitaliz.io average indicator” or “Capitaliz.io – Omega” depending on the package you’ve subscribed.

To find the indicators more easily next time, you can add them as favorite by clicking on the yellow star on the left of the indicator’s title.


Why I’m getting “Study_not_auth” error ? #

This error message can appears for multiple reasons, but the main one is because you don’t have access to the indicator, or the access has been renewed late and you kept the TradingView™ page open, which lead to this error.

How to fix it ? #

Just refresh your web browser or app and make sure you are logged-in on your TradingView’s profile, linked to your purchase.

If it still doesn’t work, contact-us by opening a ticket on our home page while logged-in (click on the “Contact Us” button on the right corner) or send us an email at contact@capitaliz.io.

Our team will check your claim and will grant your access within 24 hours.

If you didn’t subscribed to the indicator you’re trying to add, that’s a normal behavior. You must subscribe to a plan in order to access to the indicator.

What the best timeframe to work on ? #

It really depends on the pair you are analysing.

For example, in case of Bitcoin/USDT, which is a high volume pair and old one, you have some history to be analyzed by our indicators, so you can work on many timeframes.

On a recent listed pair, you may need to work on a lower timeframe ( < 4h for example), due to the lack of history to be processed (not enough candles back).

Be careful, the lower the timeframe, the more the counter-signal you can get.

Using Capitaliz – Omega Ω, we highly recommend you to use the 15 min timeframe.

What are the pairs I can work on ? #

Barely every pairs available on TradingView™, including FOREX market.

Some of our products will be more accurate on a specific pairs like, for example, Capitaliz – Omega Ω on BTC/USDT.

What is the Fibonacci scale ? #

The Fibonacci scale is updated every new signal passing through it, to know what are the pivot points.

You can base on this to know where to put your stop losses or take profits.

Keep in mind you can be squeezed out, put your stop-loss a little lower than the Fib that match your position.

Same for take-profit, some trader know how to squeeze you out.

How to interpret signals ?  #

Our signals need to be interpreted as an help for your decisions. You can automate orders based on the signals using third-party services like 3Commas or Finandy

This site, the products and services offered by Capitaliz.io are intended for educational purposes only and shoud not be considered as financial advice.

You must be aware of the risks and be prepared to bear any level of risk to invest in the financial markets.

Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results.

Do I need to upgrade TradingView™ to use it ? #

If you choose to not automate our indicators using thid-party services like 3Commas or Finandy, you can register on the basic plan of TradingView™ (free).
Sign up for free.

If you choose to automate our indicators, you will need to upgrade to any PRO plan in order to be able to create webhook alerts.
Register to a PRO plan.

How can I trade automatically ? #

We are compatible with 3Commas or Finandy.
We recommend you to refer to the documentation of the services above and to read the specifications of the indicator you want to automate.

I’m not confident #

We understand you might be afraid of using our indicators and fall for a fake repainting one.
This is why we allow you to live watch the indicator signals

Is it beginners friendly ? #

Pretty much, yes. And also, no..
It is beginners friendly, because we are doing our best to provide easy to learn and easy to start indicators.
And it is not because you may require a little bit of trading experience to understand some notions and to be able to understand the power of these tools.
We highly recommend you to learn trading and technical analysis first, using paper-trading to get your hands on before risking real money.
You must be familiar with risk management to protect your money from being evaporated.

I have a capital of $500-$1,000, can I earn ? #

Here in Capitaliz.io, we are proud to see people who want to enter the world of trading, who aspire to a prosperous future by entrepreneurship.
You gonna make it with this mindset, really.

But we must be honest, this range of capital is too low to start with our tools.
You must take into accounts the fees :

  • TradingView™ subscription
  • Capitaliz.io indicator subscription
  • Taxes ..

With a proper risk management of 1%-2% capital risked per trade, we can give you the following example :

Used indicator : Capitaliz.io – Omega Ω
Pair : BTC/USDT 15 min TF
Start from 1st January to 31th August 2022.
Start capital : $1,000
Number of closed trades : 171
Net Profit : 258.45%
Total profit from trading : $2,584.46

Backtest since 1st January 2022 to 31th August 2022

Total cost (all fees, without taxes) : ($495 x 8 months) + ($14.95 x 8 months) = $4,079.6
Net : $2,584.46 – $4,079.6 = – $1,495.14

Even with a pretty good net profit in 8 months, it won’t cover the cost of monthly subscription of Capitaliz.io indicators and TradingView™ Pro.
Even if you take annual subscription, the fees are too high for this kind of capital.

But you can still follow the signals from the live for free and by so, we hope you’re gonna make it ❤️


I bought the indicator but I can’t see it on my TradingView™ #

Our team will grant you the access within 24 hours on working days.

Please reload your TradingView™ page in order to get the indicator if your order is marked as delivered

How to cancel my subscription ? #

The subscription is without commitments, you can cancel at any time you want.

To do so, login on Capitaliz.io and navigate to your account and subscriptions button, or click here.

Once canceled, your current access will not be renewed automatically and you will keep the access until the end of the subscription’s period.

If you don’t cancel your subscription through the subscription manager or at the very least via mail, you still owe the accumulated amount of your subscription until it’s effectively canceled.

How to be refunded ? #

Our service is working under the French Law, meaning the softwares we are selling are under the SaaS with exception to the right of withdrawal for SaaS Software.

In accordance with Article L.221-28, 13° of the Consumer Code, the User expressly waives his right of withdrawal when he purchases SaaS Software in order to benefit from its execution as soon as placing his order.

We specifically allow refund for the automatic renewals for the annual and two years packages, in a 72 hours frame following the billing.

We are not required to process a refund in any other circumstances, including if you forgot the automatic renewal of your subscription.

We send reminders before each billing cycle and it is your sole responsibility to manage your subscription prior to renewals by logging in or emailing contact@capitaliz.io. We do not refund crypto payments for fees and technical reasons.

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