💵 Money Management 

This is where you manage your money into the strategy.
How is it consumed, what is the risk you want, your Take Profit and Stop Loss based algorithm..

Enable DCA Offset strategy #

Disabled by default, this allows you to open an order bellow x% on any signal (buy or sell) triggered by the strategy.
Once a signal is triggered by the strategy, the trade will be open only if the price reach the x% bellow the offset.
To set the percentage offset, you must type in the Offset % for next entry input.

Type of risk #

% Capital Risk #

The Capital Risk is percentage based in Risk Equity % input.
Based on your initial capital set in the properties, plus earnings since the Start Date Filter, this settings allows you to open positions with size automatically based on a percentage of your capital.
We highly encourage you to set non aggressive percentage in Risk Equity %.
Indeed, high Risk Equity % increase the risk of loss of your capital.
Higher risks, higher rewards, sure, but higher losses risk too.
By default, the Risk Equity % is set to 2%. Meaning that, for example, you have a capital of $100,000, you’ll risk 2% of loss for each trade.

Using % Capital Risk, you are using the embedded Risk-Management of Capitaliz – Omega Ω.

% of equity in the trade #

Choosing this option will deleguate the order size to TradingView™ in the Properties tab and no Risk-Management will be used.

Take Profit / Stop Loss #

If % Capital Risk is choosen among the options of Type of risk, you are using the Risk-Management embedded system.
There is two options :

ATR Based #

ATR, or Average True Range, is an indicator involved in the Risk-Management embedded system.
Using this option for Risk-Management will base the Stop Loss and Take Profit on the ATR of the asset’s price.
ATR can be tuned following this instructions : ⚙️ATR SETTINGS

Percent Based #

You decide of the Take Profit and Stop Loss percentage, based on trade direction (long and short).
You just have to fill the input :

  • TP % Long
    SL % Long
  • TP% Short
    SL% Short

This is a fixed percentage amount, meaning it will not vary and will need to be adjusted from time to time based on your needs.

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